2.5cm Juicy Adjustable Lead 240cm - Black

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2.5cm Juicy Adjustable Lead 240cm - Black

£22.50 £22.50 0% OFF
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Proudly presents to you the: 2.5cm Juicy Adjustable Lead max length 240cm.


With several D-rings handstitched and securely riveted and two chrome plated carabiners on each end, our handcrafted Juicy Adjustable can be altered to different variations in length giving you the ability to effectively create a handle, wrap the lead around your body for a hands free walking experience or fashion a standard length, handle free lead. 

Accessory bags filled with treats, poo bags or both can also be attached to any of the four D-rings.


 The Juicy Adjustable Lead is designed to withstand an unusual level of force, so even the strongest dogs remain secure and under control, as opposed to dashing off into the distance.

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